diffuse Lighting


spa element 6 – add dimable, diffuse lighting

While ceiling lights will do the trick for ambient light they will not provide the type of lighting required for detailed beauty and grooming tasks. Frosted glass sconces at either side of the sinks at the mirror will give the most flattering glow to one’s reflection.

Apply lighting in layers

Lighting is best applied in layers. First thing in the morning bright lights are in order but at the end of the day a softer illumination is what’s needed.  A mini chandelier or even a small desk lamp on the vanity can do a wonderful job of providing softly romantic lighting to set the mood for a relaxing soak in your spa tub.

Urban Deco Farmhouse

Livable Luxury

Are you ready to dim all the lights?




1. Rustic Spa

2. Contemporary Craftsman – photos by Steven Long

3. Urban Deco Farmhouse – photos by Steven Long

4. Livable Luxury – photos by Steven Long

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