Hey Everybody!  We’ve been featured in the Tennessean! It’s all about how we’re using “technology” to support our team collaboration.  My favorite architect, David Baird, clients Ed & Jan Routon, and Erik Daugherty with E3 Innovate, our LEED for Homes Rater, are featured in it.

For the full article in the Tennessean, click here.

You saw a little bit of our “technology” in my last blog – the “computer generated models” of the Routon baths.  Even this is a fabulous “collaboration tool”.  I often email these pictures to clients and consultants in between meetings, so that we can get decisions made faster and easier.

We also pull the models up on the computer screen, and use them for work sessions with our clients.  They find it much easier to “visualize” the interior of their house, when they can “walk through” it three-dimensionally.  And we can change features in the model to try out ideas, right there on the spot.

Stay tuned for future posts on the topic of collaboration!

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