Thank you Nashville community for voting me “best of houzz 2013” for design!

Cobalt Blue Tiles

Did you even know had a “best of 2013” for Nashville – along with some of the coolest cities in the country?  I didn’t!  Among them are some of my favorite designers and architects….. 🙂  Very proud that Nashville is in there among them!

And speaking of which, I need to give kudos to one of my favorite design teams I ever worked with (for the house above, which is getting so many “looks” on houzz):  Clients Suellen and Rick Stringer-Hye, architect Susan Hagar (, and Fred Lawrence, of the Lawrence Brother Contractors (

For more about this house, check out my blog post, “reclaimed wood love”.  Check out the BUZZ on and take a moment to follow me while you are there:


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