So one day I was talking to a group of gals about the fun of “mixing modern with traditional styles”.  And one gal asked, “Can you mix modern with Shaker styles?”

“Wow, that sounds really cool!” was my instant reply.  In short order, I was working with Lauren, who became my client, on making this happen in her master bedroom.  Here’s a before picture…..

See the “shaker style” chest in front of the stair rail?  Lauren wanted to keep that piece, along with the white painted cabinet, on the far right in the picture below…..

Lauren and her husband’s lives had evolved “away” from the original room setup.  The black-trimmed wall behind the chairs used to be the “headboard” wall behind the black painted bed.  With the bed now re-positioned, the black wall trim and bed reading lights had to go….. In fact, the bed was up for grabs too!

So we decided to delete the black altogether.  We opted for a “Shaker style” white painted platform bed,  and got rid of the head and footboards altogether, allowing more room for maneuvering.  A more of a spacious, zen feel…..

We thought we’d repaint the room a pale blue, with soft white trim to echo the Shaker style cabinet and  new bed.  Then we’d find some matching chairs for the “TV viewing and reading” spot against the former headboard wall…..

An added layer to this intimate space was the “coral colored” artwork by Lauren’s cousin…..

and handmade blanked made by her mother…..

Lauren wanted to keep these, and work the coral into the overall scheme.

And here is the finished product…..

On top of the new platform bed, we updated the bedding with a soft gray-blue pintuck, and added some coral colored pillows – which Lauren’s Mom made!  See how nicely it ties in with her cousin’s artwork beyond the stair, and her Mom’s handmade blanket?

And here’s a view from the other side…..

The bed now ties in beautifully with the Shaker style cabinet, and allows a more “zen” space.  We found some matching chairs with a modern simplicity, but softness of form to blend with the Shaker element, and placed a sumptuous cream suede stripe on them…..More coral colored pillows made by Lauren’s mom……

Here’s a closeup of the bed with pillows and blanket…..

…..and a closeup of the chairs…..

We also got a “cozy, comfy rug” in there, along with a cream colored leather-wrapped full length mirror.  And Lauren, who is handy herself (must run in the family) repainted the little table a soft coral…..

We placed an ottoman in one of the dormers, along with another coral-colored pillow made by Mom.  Lauren and her husband can pull it up to the chairs for comfy reading or TV watching…..

And voila!  There you have it.  Modern meets Shaker style.  I could never have dreamed it up myself…..  Here’s to working with creative clients (and their mothers…..and their cousins)….. 🙂



photography by Ashley Segroves,

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