Autumn is here! The leaves are changing color, and the crisp autumn air summons those “cozy up” vibes.  As such, today I bring you 5 tips to a cozy autumn aesthetic. 

The Autumn Color Palette

Fall brings with it a gorgeous array of colors. The autumn color palette itself stirs the sense of change and cozy that can be layered in and sprinkled throughout in numerous ways. Naturally, we are talking about shades of earthy browns, burgundies and golds. One needs only look outside for inspiration. You can layer it in with your blinds, curtain, pillows, throws, nicknacks, and even bringing in that outdoor foliage, indoors.  

Natural Materials…

Natural materials such as wood and stone, which are reminiscent of the changing leaves outdoors, are perfect for a cozy interior design aesthetic because they add a warm, natural feeling to any room. Some options include reclaimed wood, stone tiles, or marble.

Accents and Texture…

The softness of the velvet or fur on furniture makes it a perfect background for adding that extra touch. And again, to bring home that autumn feel, try using patterned pillows with a rich autumn palette. 

The Fireplace… 

Nothing says cozy like a roaring fire. With different events occurring throughout the season, fall is full of decoration and tradition! The mantle can make your hearth area even cozier to gather. The flames both warm and illuminate life’s many chapters – And what better way to stir nostalgia than by bringing out our favorite memorable items from years past?


Whether you have a fireplace or not, everyone can get their hands on Candles! They’re one of my favorite ways to create a cozy atmosphere. Candles do not only illuminate, but they also make rooms smell wonderful! I personally have a preference for cinnamon and apple spice of which there will be a plethora this autumn.

As a bonus, I am going to add one additional tip. Invite those outdoor changing colors in by keeping your window uncovered and letting that natural light in. The changing foliage outdoors this time of year, is by far, in my opinion, the most beautiful of the year! And the natural light with its vitamin D brings ease, warmth and soulful coziness. 

– Marcelle Guilbeau

Nashville Interior Designer
Soulful Living By Design

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