…..so the first thing to love is it’s situated in a cool historic shopping strip on Charlotte, right across the street from Richland Park, at the edge of Sylvan Park – my hood….. 🙂

…..next to the junk antique shop I used to frequent back in the day…..

Only 9’ wide, the building was originally an alley – hence the exposed brick wall with original painted advertisement, “dry goods, milliner and shoes”.

Owners James and Louisa Green took the wall back to its original state, once they discovered it was a historic 1912 historic gem.  The brick wall dates back to the 1880’s.

The second thing to love is the truly cool “cafe vibe”…..

It’s everything from the hipsters who hanging out there, to the smell of fresh, free trade, locally roasted coffee, to Spencer, the knowledgeable barista, who will happily whip you up something good…..

But there’s something more to this place – and the third thing to love –

– ever watched those 40’s detective movies?  David and I are addicted.  Well, sitting in here, you feel like any minute that gumshoe is about to step in, in search of his gangster…..When I told that to Louisa, she said that’s actually the vibe she felt about this place!  And which they sought to channel in their sensitive rehab…..

Which is the fourth thing to love.  Everything from the exposure of the original wood ceiling and structure…..

to the aforementioned brick wall graphics, to the reuse of the original wood floor.

But the fifth thing to love is near and dear to Marcelle’s heart:  reclaimed, handcrafted everything – from the 1890’s entry door, to the 30’s leaded glass transom above, to the 60’s steel storefront window – all found and refurbished by James and Louisa.

The front bar at the window is a wood door stoop found in a friend’s basement.  On it are carved “Roy + May 1952”.  The coat rack is made from the building’s original flooring, and hooks found at Preservation Station.

James, a very talented carpenter and furniture maker, fashioned the hook.  In addition, he made the chunky wood and metal tables (wood reclaimed from a demo’d house in Sylvan park), the bar front with the cool metal Tennessee symbol made from his mom’s torn down fence…..

…..and – well – just about everything in there.  (Contact him at hankwilliamsismyhero@gmail.com, if you’d like your own version of the tables – or to rehab a cool historic space like this!)

Some come on over to my hood for a good cup of joe – and possibly the coolest cafe vibe in town 🙂

Headquarters is located at:

4902 Charlotte Pike

hours are:

7-4 Monday through Friday

8-4 Saturday

10-3 Sunday

Check out their facebook page for more info.

– marcelle


images 1, 3-8 via marcelle’s iphone

image 2 via Sheena T. on yelp

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