Wagon Wheel Title New Offices

The new offices of Wagon Wheel Title, one of our very earliest clients, has just been featured in the Nashville Post!  Our illustrious clients had a bold business plan:

They would cater to a growing Nashville market of elite young urbanites seeking to live in newly built upscale condos or mixed use developments.

They were a huge success and soon a larger office was needed. Determined to continue the relationship they had developed in their home community of East Nashville, finding the right space was no easy feat.

After a few years of searching, a piece of land opened up next door to their current location- 204 South 11th. They jumped on the opportunity to “age in place” – so to speak- by moving next door!

This is where we come in 🙂

The Wagon Wheel team contacted my husband and favorite architect, David Baird, owner of Building Ideas Architecture to design a handsome scaled-up craftsman that would meet their particular business needs as well as the historical overlay requirements.

Then we at studioGuilbeau were asked to put together an interiors package that had a distinct MidCentury Vintage vibe.

MidCentury Vintage Moodboard

The palette will be warm neutrals with dark, wide plank, walnuty floors.

Vintage and custom fireplace mantels will have either green blue or dark grey blue tile surrounds.

Vintage Fireplace Mantel

The bathrooms will feel like you have stepped into a 20’s Parisian loft that was frozen in time.


The kitchenette’s crackle finish subway tiles are handmade and hand fired.

crackle subway tile

The kitchenette will also feature rustic, open, wood shelves similar to this look:

Rustic Industrial Open Shelves

This new law office will communicate Wagon Wheel Title’s gravitas to handle some of the hottest, toughest real estate deals in town, while still retaining a bit of gritty East Nashville roots. It’s an honor to be apart of this new growth for a great group of folks!

Check out the original article in the Nashville Post:



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