How do they go from this…..

… this?

One day, you wake up and realize you’re a parent.  The next day, you’ve got a big kid on your hands.  How do you make the transition?  Ideally, the room you put together can make the transitions along with your tyke.

Most cribs, like my son Liam’s, can turn into “toddler beds.”

By taking off the front rail, you buy yourself two or 3 more years before the next big move.

But what about the big bed?  In my case, space was an issue.  Liam’s room is only 8′ wide – and destined to be the entrance to our master bedroom suite – some day…..

I needed a “big boy bed” now, but the bed needed to “go with him to a bigger room” down the road.  So…..

…..the bed I designed kills 2 birds with one stone:  It fits in the current space, with storage below, leaving ample floor play space.  When Liam moves into a bigger room, the base of the bed is separate from the chest of drawers on the right:  So I can turn the bed the other way, and/or add a desk in between the chest and the bed.  I asked Master Craftsman Extraordinaire Tom Ferris to build it for me, and he did so beautifully.

But what if you’re not into the more “modern style” of built-ins?

Well, Tom has you covered on that too.  Check out this ingenious traditional style crib he made for another client…..


The side rails will later convert to the headboard and footboard of a standard sized bed!

Tom can create built-in or freestanding storage to fit this more “craftsman” look as well…..


But I really love what my friend and cool client Jenn is doing with her daughter Dylan’s room.  You may remember Jenn’s “mixing modern with traditional styles” cool home…..

Well, it’s time for Dylan to move on from her adorable little toddler crib…..


….. to a big girl bed…..


Am absolutely in love with the bedding fabric she’s picked out for her little princess…..


…..and the curtains…..


But Jenn’s having a little space issue too:  The wall where she wants the bed is too short for a “standard length.”  Enter Tom Ferris to the rescue again…..


See this side piece here?  It’s a “bed rail”.  Tom plans to customize Dylan’s bed rails to fit the space.  If she moves to a bigger room, he can take those rails out, and reinsert standard sized ones later on!

For storage, she plans to use this nifty Ikea piece…..


She’s asked for any advice, but I’d say she’s done.  Very excited to see the final product!

For more ideas on children’s rooms, check out’s nursery & kids section.  Another perennial favorite of mine (and Jenn’s) is (type “kids room” in the search box, and you’ll be there for hours)  Jenn found her bedding at, another perennial favorite of ours.  And don’t forget to call Tom Ferris of Harpeth River Furniture when you’re ready for that bed….. 🙂

– marcelle


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