This weekend is the 34th Annual Lockeland Springs Celebration of Homes Tour – and I’m going! East Nashville is one of my favorite neighborhoods –  cool, funky and amazingly historic.  What’s not to love about getting to see inside some of those amazing homes?  Even better, this year’s tour also features the Top O’Woodland Bed and Breakfast, the Corinthian Lodge on Eastland Avenue, and Holly Street Fire Station!

It just so happens that the home of my very cool clients, Jenny and Aaron Armstrong,  is on the tour too – one of the not-historic (but very contextually modern) kinds…..

It looks vaguely like this on the outside…..

(courtesy of the East Nashvillian, full article here)

…..but on the inside, a spacious, light-filled modern home awaits you.

Here’s a peek at the living room…..

…..upstairs reclaimed wood art wall…..

…..and master bedroom…..

And here’s a peek at some of the seasonal decor you may see here and there, once the doors open…..

So come on over and see the rest!

For full details, and to buy a ticket, go to the Lockeland Springs Celebration of Home Tour 2012 website,


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