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Nashville Post Boom 2017

Marcelle Guilbeau knows condos need personality. The repeat Best of Houzz honoree brings elements if classic, industrial and contemporary design to her residential and commercial work.

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The Most Common Questions People Ask Interior Designers

“Everything is trendy at some point or another. Just give it some time, and it’ll come back!” says Nashville based Interior Designer Marcelle Guilbeau.

“Being able to work with the trends is all about knowing your own aesthetic—so that no matter what you do, you won’t tire of it.”

You also need to be honest with yourself and ask the hard question: Would I still love it if it wasn’t trendy?

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When it comes to modernism, I am into the warmer midcentury look. I like symmetry, clean lines, and no knickknacks; but I do like a place that feels like a home," Yadon says. Brandon prefers a more stark modern look with no frills, curtains, or pillows. Marcelle helped us find a middle ground. Curbed Articles:

The Beauty Within: 1802 Lakehurst Drive

The Beauty Within 1802 Lakehurst Drive by Contemporary Cool in Little Hollywood Designer, Marcelle Guilbeau – A stunning, harmonious union of contemporary coolness and mid-century warmth with a few vibrant pops of color.

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This Small Kitchen is Fabulous & Functional

Lending warmth to a modern space is no small task. But for Nashville, Tennessee-based interior designer Marcelle Guilbeau, it’s a must!

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A Modern Minimalist Nashville Home

Nashville Home get's upclose and personal with Artist Jodi Hays, about her new home interior designed by Marcelle Guilbeau.

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My Client’s House is in Design*Sponge

"I’ve always wanted to “be in” Design*Sponge… Imagine my delight when my super cool artist client, Jodi Hays, informed me she’d submitted her house we’d worked on together, and it got in!" says Marcelle Guilbeau.

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