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How much time and money have you wasted on home design projects that missed the mark and left you wanting a do-over?

Are you in the middle of a home design project and feeling stuck?

Or have you been putting it off for months, overwhelmed, with no idea where to start?

Perhaps you’re afraid of the outcome – buying the furniture, or doing the kitchen renovation – what if after all the headache, it doesn’t turn out right.

But more than the fear of throwing good money after bad, there is a voice inside you saying…

“I want my home to reflect my own style” – not just some design trend.

That’s why you made all those pin boards and collected all those magazine clippings!

But now, they just add to your confusion.

You’re in luck,
I’ve created a Workshop just for you!

I bet you are wondering how a workshop could ever make sense of the crazy cocktail of design styles you have peppered your various pin-boards and folders with. Let’s take a look at how one of my workshop participants applied the knowledge she gained in my Discover Your Own Style workshop.

Janin Had Just Purchased Her “Dream Home”

an unrenovated 50’s ranch with a large u-shaped kitchen opened up to a breakfast room. She placed her vintage Midcentury dinette table and chairs in the breakfast room and then waited for the happy embrace of family and friends. But no one stayed in the kitchen with her, no matter how many ways she rearranged. Frustrated and determined, she joined my Workshop.

Janin knew she needed a different solution to her breakfast room seating, but she didn’t know what, or where to put it. She feared she’d have to get it custom made, and that wouldn’t be cheap. She had several Pinterest boards, showing an assortment of furniture and ideas.  She just didn’t know where to go with it all.

Janin discovered that her “Style Combination” was “Traditional and Sensual”. While she could have guessed the Sensual part (she is, after all, an artist, who loves colors and textures), she would never have pegged herself as Traditional. It’s not Janin’s preferred style of furniture (Midcentury) which makes her Traditional, it’s how she relates to it. For her, Midcentury vintage furniture reminds her of her small town family roots. Janin is what I call a “Home and Hearth Traditionalist”.

By the end of the Level I Workshop, Janin concluded that the biggest priority of that kitchen redo was a cozy, comfy booth seat, to draw in folks to sit and stay a while. That booth would be the anchor for her new, homey and inviting breakfast room. Her vintage furniture, which Marcelle helped her curate, would get an automatic update without even being refurbished! She could do that later. And from the Style Vision Board Janin created, she even had an idea of the vibrant colors and textures it would be made of. Finally, she was no longer stuck. She was on a mission to create that booth seat!

I believe that everyone has their own “style” – which translates into their own “Soulful Home” – a place that reflects their own values and sense of beauty.

What I do is help you make the translation! After that, everything else will fall into place.

Once you’ve identified the things that make you feel alive, and how that translates into your unique Interior Design Style, you have not only solved your present interior decor challenge but future ones as well.

You will finally be confident that whatever you spend, be it $2,000 or $200,000, it will be worth it to you, and you will be satisfied with the outcome.

“…Marcelle…was kind enough to provide consultation regarding my own style. She assured me that each of us has our own cool style, it is really just trying to fine tune it.” 

“…Marcelle took a lot of time in the front end to get a feel for what exactly I wanted my house to look like and more importantly, how I wanted my house to feel. She has the ability to take my taste and make it look a million times better….”

Are you ready to find out what your Design Style is, and how it can provide energy and focus to your home design project?

Join us for The Soulful Home Workshop Level I: Discover Your Own Style where I will give you the tools needed to save you time, money, and eliminate the paralyzing interior decor doubts you’ve been wrestling.

We will do a series of exercises in which you discover your own Style, Lifestyle and Aesthetic.

We will capture your discoveries in Worksheets, and conclude with a Vision Board that captures your own Design Style.

You will also learn about how to convert your Design Style into a Timeless and Classic Base, and how to evolve it over time through Layers.

The upcoming Discover Your Own Style Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, October 7th, 2017 and begins at 10:00 AM (Click Product for full details on cart page). Each workshop group is kept small with a limited number of seats available. This allows every participant the opportunity to explore their questions fully and receive feedback and guidance from me. Our seats are first come – first serve so click the button on the right to reserve your seat today!